Tạm biệt (Goodbye) Vietnam

And just like that, it’s over! Seven weeks ago we arrived in Vietnam—excited about the road that lay ahead and slightly apprehensive about a country we were unfamiliar with. Having toured Thailand twice, we viewed Vietnam as its southeast Asian “cousin”. One we haven’t met, and one we wanted to know. The events of the past seven weeks will continue to swirl in our hearts and minds and eventually settle into its own place, forming an enduring memory.

The natural scenery in Vietnam was rich and stunning. Some of the greatest rewards were proportionate to effort—cycling up, and up, into elevations that could have been a prelude to even better. Bigger, beautiful lush green mountain ranges lay tantalizingly inland. We, however, chose a coastal route having no delusions about our ability or willingness to suffer. It was a little more work to tour Vietnam by bicycle.

Cuisine was unapologetically Vietnamese, but it’s of little national concern when economic reliance on tourism is only half that of Thailand. Local & fresh—vegetables, herbs, fruit, meat and seafood made up the menu and there was much to appreciate.

Early on, we slid into a slump where we second-guessed ourselves, asking ourselves a critical question, Why are we even here? All the creature comforts were just a plane, train or bus ride away…. But cycle tours are a treasure hunt and we were there to discover. No regrets! We were inspired. At times, frustrated. Frequently exhilarated. Always enriched.

A series of three flights will return us to our familiar life, and the comforts of home. We feel gratitude—for the opportunity to experience Vietnam in our favourite way—on two wheels.

Tạm biệt, Vietnam

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  1. There’s a special kind of courage you guys gave shown in this trip. I’m really glad that the rewards were there and will continue and grow in memory for you. You took me back to Asia and the particular adventure it is. Thanks and well done, you guys.

  2. Wow, seven weeks of travel story treats; thank you Anita.
    P.S. Forgot to ask – did you find any Easter Eggs in Vietnam? 😉

  3. Wow!!! What an adventure!!!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us all. I’m sad your trip has come to an end as I soooo enjoyed reading your blog. Every morning I looked forward to diving into it and with your fantastic writing skills Anita I felt like I was right there with you, experiencing it from the comfort of my home.
    I know first hand, from my tour in Thailand with you that it isn’t always sunshine and roses. But it’s those experiences that gives us the appreciation for everything we have and really it’s about the people. It’s the people that make the country. I am very happy you pursued the tour when you were second guessing yourselves. Can’t want to catch up and hear more about your epic adventure.

  4. What a grand finale! Talk about an inspirational couple! I have travelled extensively but all pales in comparison to what you experience on your journeys and your ability to articulate not only your adventures but your feelings and emotions as you go through each one. It has been such a gift to follow your wheels and feet to all the places, people, beauty and marvels of our world. They have transported us and helped us appreciate over and over this immense universe we are passing through. For this we are so very grateful. Rita Mary & Adrienne 🐣🐥🐇♥️

  5. Welcome back to Canada and your comfortable home that awaits you. Are you sure you don’t write blogs or articles or books about travel? Maybe just about anything. Your writings are a joy to read.

  6. An honest evaluation of your experiences in Vietnam through your descriptive narrative that helps me envision your journey along with your fantastic photos! It has been a pleasure to follow along these past few weeks! Safe travels home to a very different landscape and weather! 👍😁 ✈️

  7. What a fantastic trip! It’s been great following your journey and hearing of your experiences along the way. Vietnam is definitely a country I plan to visit. I’m not sure if you’ve arrived yet, but welcome home and sorry you had to come back to unseasonably cold weather!

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