Chiang Mai to Bangkok: Six weeks, 1,691 kms

Our 2020 self-supported bicycle tour began in Chiang Mai and ended in Bangkok.  There were no organized tours, no service to transport our gear—just us and our bikes, making it up as we go along! Approximately 1,700km entirely by bicycle. The only plannedaccommodations were the first few nights in Chiang Mai in order to recover from 22 hours of travelling and 12 hour time difference from Toronto.  After the first two nights we were free to explore. Six weeks of adventure and an open road ahead. Each day we would choose a route, and a hotel/homestay for the night depending on how we felt. The only real goal was to reach Bangkok in 6 weeks time.

Before leaving Toronto in February there had been news stories about a new coronavirus that could potentially develop into a pandemic. We anticipated such a possibility and hoped that it might just blow over by the time of our scheduled return. Just four days before our flight home, COVID was declared a pandemic. We arrived home to a changed world. Little did we know it would be three more years before we could tour again!

Thailand, Here we are!

The looooooong flight(s), sharing the “wrong” side of the road, Jet. Lag—Bring on Chiang Mai! What shall we do with our six weeks? 20 hours in-flight wears a little thin but EVA Air was great (highly recommended!). Our flight booking included a “Seafood” meal option which of course we chose. Good choice! Shrimp & scallop... Continue reading

Chiang Mai to Mae Tha

View our route map on Strava! Smiling Thai people, gorgeous temples everywhere, and $2 Roadside Thai Curry. We slathered on the sunscreen and got our pasty pink selves out of Chiang Mai. Frantic traffic eventually gave way and the FunFactor took hold as we became more comfortable with riding in the left side of the... Continue reading

Mae Tha to Lampang

Here is the link to our route map on Strava. Not all hills are created equal. And what’s with those dogs? We plotted a map today and the elevation chart looked flat-ish with a few bumps. Well, those bumps were mountains and the grades were mostly around 15-17% with crazy switchbacks. Unfit for any type... Continue reading