Hairy Hue Traffic, The Greenery, and Dining with Dane

Distance today: 71km
Total distance to date: 853km
Temperature (max): 26°C
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We had some of everything today. Leaving Hue was a madhouse of motorcycles headed in every which direction—literally. Entire families crammed onto motorbikes, farmers transporting cages of chickens layered on top of each other (chickens no longer squawking…we’ll leave it at that), mountains of boxes, bags, trees, coolers of squishy seafood, wire cages transporting piggies to market, chest freezers, furniture and other goods piled sky high on their motorbikes. There’s potential for a reality show here—Motorcycle Wars—Vietnam.  We were part of the hairy traffic lunacy—weaving in and out like basket-weavers—fittin’ right in. 3-feet space? Hardy har har! It’s 3-inches here!

Sometime you gotta ride on the highway with the evil-gargantuan-tyrannical-buses and transports. After sharing a long tunnel with those fast moving metal beasts we felt vulnerable, like little ants—enough was enough. We skedaddled off that route and hung a right (or was it a left?).  No matter—it was the right choice. Green & glorious, tranquil and still—our inner selves delighted in the fresh new direction. The lush, vast mountainsides painted a beautiful picture in our memories. Google Maps pointed us down miles & miles of pristine road surface. We saw more cows & goats lingering on the road than motorized vehicles or human activity. There were vast stretches of formerly grand hotel complexes looking post-apocalyptically abandoned—not a soul to be found. Our own little slice of never-never land pie.

Our little coastal resort is located in a quaint little village where locals harvest messy mussels from the muddy salt-water floor, seafood restaurants abound, and a few handfuls of tourists stroll the street. Not long after we arrived, so too did Dane, having travelled a different route to get here.   Yep! Dane again. His little hut for the night is right next to ours, so we are neighbours. The three of us searched out dinner—fries, spring rolls, green spinachy-sautéed stuff, and seafood rice. No Pho! That alone made us happy. Afterward, newfound friends Randy and Dane retired to the proverbial cigar lounge to talk beer & bikes. Another Happy Day here in Vietnam.




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  1. When you are old and in a nursing home, and the staff bring you porridge, I can hear your protests….no pho, no pho! Great day filled with adventure. I cleaned the basement…boring…..

  2. love the “fishermen” pictures….and the very lush, green landscapes. looks like a perfect way to end a long travel day, Randy.

  3. Haha! What a day! The cigar drink lounge are sounds perfect after a day like that. Cows and goats over traffic anyday!

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