Day 17: Pilon to Manzanillo

Dear Cuba:

We need to talk. We have travelled here from very far away and it’s 33C today. We’d really like to hydrate with something other than beer or rum, but every single establishment in the 94km between Pilon and Manzanillo has only beer and rum available. There must be some misunderstanding. Cuba, can you understand our concern? We found 4L of apple juice hidden in a small store and tried that but after while our lips were just dry and sticky and honestly our tummies hurt a little. When you deliver those beer, rum and cigars to those roadside huts out in the middle of nowhere, if you just throw a few bottles of water on the delivery truck we would happily pay twice the regular price. You could make money from us! Our ride included a 1,000m climb over one of your mountains. It was really hot and sweaty and we hoped to find water in the next town. Instead I think we found The Cola Store because it had three shelves and a large cooler all full of Fiesta brand cola. Cola is similar to water, but not quite the same. The Cola Store worker understood our concerns, as we hope you too Cuba, will understand. After purchasing two carefully selected colas she filled our bottles from the tap and we were able to use our SteriPen to help out. We really appreciate all that you’ve done for us, Cuba, but we’d like to gently suggest that you make water portable for us. We’d feel a whole lot better about things. We still love you, Cuba. Let’s work things out.

Love, Randy and Anita

PS. Sorry we took so few photos of your beautiful country today. We were too busy searching for water.

PPS. We found a most excellent Casa in Manzanillo. The owner prepared us an authentic spaghetti dinner that was perfecto. We also found water after about 92km of cycling. There’s hope for us yet.

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  1. In future cycle tours to Cuba I would bring your front panniers just to fill with water bottles when you find them for possible no water available days. But I assume you have probably already thought of that.

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