“One Night in Bangkok”

GPS abandonment, the $4 haircut and the $40 omelet, the alleyway discoveries—There’s no place like Bangkok!

Our day started with a little shortie bike ride to drop off bikes at Velo Thailand, a hidden gem of a bike shop with a couple of fantastic guys who will clean up our bikes all sparkly then squish them into boxes in preparation for the flight home. Our short little three kilometre trip stretched into 6k as we discovered that the surrounding buildings make the GPS go all birdbrain on us. Stay in school, learn to read a map, kids!—It’s a skill that comes in handy when your GPS lets you down.

After gleefully handing off bikes we found ourselves bike-less, accompanied by a strange but liberated feeling of loss. We could go in and out of any store we wished without standing on guard with our bikes outside! We were mobile in the City! And that led to a haircut….

Randy’s haircut! Without bikes, and with our newfound spontaneity we hung a quick right into the nearby barber shop—very much a man’s-domain! Randy got a great hair cut, his face spritzed & dried, and a mini shoulder and neck massage all for the big price of $4.

After the $4 haircut we sipped ice-cold strawberry smoothies and struck up conversation with Dhanube, a young local man who kindly showed us on the map where we could find a particular restaurant. Not just any restaurant, but the one with the famous crab omelette made by none other than Michelin Star street-food chef Jay Fai. We’re not talking about your typical dollar-omelette, but a big, feasty, juicy, sweet crabby one with a big juicy price tag of about $40. If you are unfamiliar with Jay Fai, do google her, she has a fascinating story! Given the tourist shortage we were able to score an omelette every bit as delicious as they all say! Not only did we score the omelette, but we were seated in the best spot in the restaurant to watch her in action the whole time. We should mention that her restaurant does not resembles the hoity toity style one might expect. Menus are still old faded color photocopies held together by plastic sheet protectors, and its open-air street-food dining atmosphere is unspoiled. She herself still cooks every single dish over hot charcoal woks. One could ponder the irony of a $4 haircut and a $40 omelette, the cost of which in Canada would be reversed.

There are alleyways, lanes, and narrow rivers, all crammed with Shophouses, which in turn are crammed with product waiting to be discovered at every turn. We just hang a left here, turn right there and everywhere you look, you can’t stop gawking. So much to discover, and best captured with pictures rather than words.

After we exhausted ourselves with walking in the scorching heat we negotiated a tuk tuk ride to the hotel. Not knowing if the driver even understood where we wanted to go, we agreed on a price and off we went. Nevermind that he stopped halfway, sought directions from another tuk tuk driver, then offered a cold glass of water to yet another. Who even cares where we are going?? We’re going on a tuk tuk ride and it’s gonna be a blast!


Randy prepares for his $4 haircut.

It’s really quite fascinating how much inventory can be stuffed in such a small space.

The sidewalk goes around the tree….as it should!

Motorcycles and other slower moving vehicles always migrate to the front, ready for take-off when the light turns green!

The entrance at Jay Fai’s restaurant.

Jay Fai prepares our wonderful omelette

There it is. That’s what a $40 omelette looks like. (btw, it was worth it!)

Public transit!

The fabulous folks at Velo Thailand, located at 29 Samsen 4 Alley, Bangkok

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  1. Wow! Where else could you get a Michelin Star Chef-prepared anything for $40? It looked amazing. Lucky you!

  2. Dear Anita and Randy What a delight it has been reading about your adventures and journeys. As you have said Anita words can’t tell the whole story, but your pictures sure do help. You have such a casual, fun yet informative voice when you write. I . . . . think there is a book there! Travel safely home, wash your hands and stay healthy! Elaine and Grayson

  3. Hi Anita and Randy, love your stories. And I love Bangkok too. Make sure you visit the Royal Palace and the solid gold Buddha. Take a ride on the river in a river boat – the ones with the spraying prop and chevy engine.

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