Packing the Bicycles (Totally Randy’s domain!)

Time to actually get those bicycles disassembled and squeezed into boxes for the flight. Randy’s bike is big, and it takes some engineering ingenuity to make it fit. We’re attempting to travel with no checked baggage other than bicycles so we’ll be squishing helmets, water bottles and everything else we can into that box. There’s a weird & scary feeling, hoping the bikes make it all the way to Cuba intact.

Bubble wrap, pipe insulation, or cardboard—many parts have been disassembled, wrapped and protected. Tires are deflated and handlebars & pedals removed. It’s a tight squeeze! And we’ll have to remember to throw in an extra roll of packing tape in order to bring those babies home again!

While bikes are being packed, I focus on my own gear. I’ve sorted, made choices and took a way all the “extras” in order to shrink it all down to the bare essentials. With whatever space remains we’ll be loading up with little gifts for Cubans, things we read about that might be well-appreciated (other than beef jerky!). Everything needs to fit into two panniers each on the bike rather than the usual 4 simply due to the fact that we have no camping gear.

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