The Awe and Inspiration of Phang Nhà National Park

It was cool (22°C) & drizzly today and it was a day-off from the bikes so we went caving in Phang Nhà Kể Bang National Park, located in the middle of the Annamite Mountain range and home to some awe-inspiring caves. The largest cave in the world, Thiên Đường Cave (Paradise Cave) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, discovered by a local man in 2005. 31 kilometres long, it’s height can reach to 72 m and 150 m wide.

Phang Na Cave is 7,729 metres long and contains 14 grottoes, as well as a 13,969 metre underground river. It’s accessed by boat via the Son River.

Both caves defy imagination. Absolutely colossal, and a marvellous display of what our planet Earth looks like under the jungle covered surface. It feels like being on another planet. We both likened the awestruck feeling to that which we felt when we visited the Grand Canyon. Stunning, staggering stalactites piercing downward from above, and magnificent stalagmites soaring upward, all in shades of green, white, brown and various hues in between. Sharp and jagged, smooth and wavy, oozy-melty-looking—we don’t have adequate words and pictures can never capture the grandiosity of it all but we’ll give it a go!

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! I can only imagine the grandiosity of it in real life as pictures never do it justice. Amazing pics Anita. Love the colour of green on some of them. So many years or should I say centuries of undiscovered hence untouched. Incredible it was only discovered 19 years ago!

  2. What a world you are discovering! We are so grateful that you are sharing it with us. Continued blessings on your journey. 🥰

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