Thoen to Thung Saliam

Waking up at dawn, piggies on the mountain, mystery lunch, cute little Villages and warm Hellos everywhere.

After a great day of rest and rehydration we woke before the sun came up and got our bums on the road during the cool of morning. We wanted to get the big climb up and over the mountain top over with before the intense heat hits us.

The mountain was quite reasonable and we can’t tell you enough how relieved we were! Thrilled, actually! Even more so when we reached the top and there was a whole group of pigs (boars, more accurately) behind a fence. Big giant scruffy ones with tusks, curious medium sized Mama ones and some itty bitty cuties! As we approached the fence, more kept emerging from the brush. So much fun!

Outdoor roadside restaurants are everywhere and anywhere. Most proprietors speak no English so we just point to the menu and they are good at figuring it out. We are usually pretty grim looking when we stop and are all sweaty and grubby but they are always so happy to serve us. Today the lady saw us and right away brought over three bottles: Coke, water, and orange juice to see what we’d like. We just smiled and said “we’ll take them all!” (It’s that hot here!). We pointed to something in the menu and waits to see what we get. Noodles! Soft ones & crispy ones, surrounded by yummy broth and some chicken chunks. Delicious! Total bill was about $4 (including 5 drinks!)

You can’t help but feel happy riding through villages. Almost everyone who sees us—whether they are working on hydro lines, riding a motorcycle, or sitting in their yards behind fences—breaks into a big giant enthusiastic smile and they holler helloooooo!! as we ride by. Honestly, it makes us feel like celebrities! And when we holler helloooooo!! it appears as though we’ve made them feel special too!

Today is a special Buddhist holiday, Māgha Puja we learned. Many establishments were closed today so for dinner we dined at the 7-Eleven. They are everywhere, and they have a great food selection!

Lots of nice scenery to be seen today!

We rehydrated just a little!

The accommodation we found last night in the dark!

Not sure, but I suspect that sign says “no burning”


I have the feeling this little piggy is the runt

Lol. Who translates these things?

Big giant orange blossoms that have fallen off the tree. Gorgeous!

Mystery lunch—but it’s all good!

Ready to ride with the sunrise

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  1. So I guess you have to stay away from the Only Slightly Violated water then? Looks like more fun now.
    (We were 50ºC away from you last night – moonlit ski on the Lang-Hastings trail, -18ºC.)

    • I don’t think amaryllis, but whatever they are they are beautiful. There are all sorts of interesting flowering things here. And everywhere we look there are loads of recognizable tropical plants growing in abundance. (The kind we have in pots and try to baby)

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