Bangkok—The Quiet of the Night

It’s absolutely stinkin hot during the afternoon. Relentless and overbearing, we are sweaty and sticky just stepping out the door. Even your kneecaps sweat—it’s just that hot & humid! It’s not a heat wave—it’s just normal and people learn to live with it. Therefore, evening exploring is far more comfortable—especially since Bangkok comes alive when the sun recedes.

It’s not always noise and chaos here—there are quiet little neighbourhoods just a stones throw from our hotel here on the canal. Quaintness abounds in the tiniest nooks & crannies. Locals live & work along the canal. We are now regulars with “the canal lady” who sells drinks & beer and other essentials at her little hut sandwiched in the tight dark space between a wall and the canal’s edge. Her pet tortoise sometimes walks the narrow walkway. Friends & families sit outside on rickety chairs (or just on the concrete) to watch Muai Thai on a shared television. Just beyond the canal we discovered a gem of a community, Ban Pham Thom. The wooden houses look and feel from a different era, and restaurants just place their tables & chairs on the narrow street. It literally all happens on the sidewalkless narrow street—People stroll, bicycles roll, salted fish BBQs on the grill and people sip beer.

If you suddenly crave fresh juicy pineapple (all cut cubed & ready to eat), just walk 5 minutes in any direction and it will appear. Looking for some late night fresh noodles & veggies? Probably an even shorter walk. Care for some chicken satay? Two doors down. There are some things we will miss terribly.

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    • Thanks Tara! We have so many beautiful photos by days end it’s hard to even select what to post.

  1. I’ve travelled a lot but nothing like this. I’m enjoying participating at a distance! 🥰

    • There are a few who are arm-chair participants on our journey. Hopefully someone will be inspired to come here!

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