Thailand: Can’t We Stay Just a Little Bit Longer?

We have come to love Thailand. It’s so full of life and humanness. The people are precious and the culture here just makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a warm cozy blanket. Buddhist beliefs permeate all aspects of life here, and people continually try to make good karma by doing good. Thais are good people. They are inspiring. As tourists we have felt safe—always. More than safe, actually. We have felt like Thais were watching out for us, and sending good karma to keep us that way.

Although we had big long faces at the prospect of leaving, we are taking with us a lifetime of memories. Six weeks flew by like lightning, yet it seems so long ago that we hopped on our bikes all wobbly and uncertain about what lay ahead.

Randy and I have loved Thailand twice. Just as we were completing our 2020 tour COVID had broken out. It took three more years before we could return this year, but we never forgot how much the experience meant to us. As with all good things, we wished others could see, feel, smell, and taste it all for themselves. That’s why we brought along Deana, who is hungry for adventure and capable of long tough days in the saddle. We had a lot of fun, epic rides, and grand experiences.

We left the hotel at 7:30am to get to the airport with time to spare for our 12:00 noon flight. The immigration and passport control lines were so long and so congested we actually found ourselves running down the terminal at top speed, bags in one hand and boarding pass in the other to make our flight without a minute to spare—like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

On the airplane I was watching the ground crew on the tarmac as we readied to taxi down the runway. Workers who probably see hundreds of flights per day. As our plane started to move the two men put their hands up in the air and waved bye bye to all on board then gave a little wai (a Thai bow of respect). Yep, even the very last person we see on Thai soil before going airborne gives us a warm & friendly sendoff.

How can we not love the people of Thailand?

Khob khun kha….Thank you so very much Thailand. We don’t know when or how, but we do know one thing—we will be back!

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  1. Well, you three must have absorbed, or just had before, the generous and kind Thai spirit. It has been so good of all of you to take the time out of your busy, thrilling, sometimes exhausting, days to write, send amazing photos and share with all of us. Truly enjoyable, interesting and thrilling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • We truly appreciate that people are interested. It means a lot to us that people even care what we are doing on the other side of the planet.

  2. Beautiful summation, sendoff and farewell. I have so appreciated the warmth of your detailed journals and the many photos. Truly eye- and heart-opening. Thank you!

    • Thanks Diane, we hope it inspires people to go there someday…or at least have a new understanding of a place so far away.

  3. We are certainly going to miss the daily updates about your Thai adventure. Not sure how you found the time to write daily as well as ride gruelling days in the the sun but thank-you and we will see you soon.

    • Thanks Wayne, it’s kind of a decompression period each night when I write the posts. Plus it’s the best way to review and journal the days events.

  4. Well, you all made it,an exhausting, whirlwind of a trip!!! It was so much fun following along with the 3 of you. I think I can safely say you are the best physical shape of your lives,without an ounce of body fat left,lol….. Deana, you should talk hubby into going better time. Glad all of your adventures were up to and beyond the expectations of anyone. Safe flight home, Kimberly Carpenter.

    • Thanks for following Kim. It certainly has been an adventure of a lifetime. I love the people of Thailand. They are what makes that country so wonderful. As for Neil he has no desire to travel to that part of the world let alone ride a bike 1900 kms. So I go with friends 😊 Stay turned on fb as I have a ton of photos of my own and stores to tell that I just didn’t have time to do while there. Once I get over the jet lag. So tired 😴

  5. Anita this is so well written I can feel every word making me well up inside with emotion.
    Thailand is indeed magical in so many ways .
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this epic adventure I have enjoyed every minute of it .
    No doubt we will all return some fine day .

  6. Hopefully your reentry to Canada will go smoothly. Ditto to Greg’s comment.
    I actually had a few tears in my eyes as I read your last ‘goodbye’ entry.

  7. I’m going to miss your beautifully written stories accompanied by colourful photos. Thanks so much for letting us experience Thailand through all your senses and emotions. I look forward to your next adventure!

  8. Have so enjoyed “sharing” your adventure in Thailand… thank you for the vicarious journey. ❤️

  9. I am saddened that your current Thai excursion has come to an end. Anita, you should be a storyteller or book writer. All you blog entries have been well written and I looked forward each day to waking to your next blog entry. Now what will I do with my morning glass of milk.

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