Day off in Chanthaburi

Tourists in a city of so few tourists

Honestly, we thought there would be loads of tourists given Thailand’s proximity to highly populated countries so closely situated. But alas, it’s not the case. Given that we’ve not been here before we have no frame of reference. Perhaps it’s no longer peak season for tourism? Is it the Coronavirus? In any case, it’s hot & sunny and we had plenty to see in this beautiful city of Chanthaburi. No cycling today. Funny how walking a kilometre or two in the intense heat feels more exhausting than riding a bike for 100km. The heat and the humidity is fierce.

Today we let the pictures do the talking.

Drinks often have these strange gelatinous balls in them. Randy likes them. Ugh!

Shade under a bougainvillea.

The riverfront community

Traditional Thai home (we think)

Laundry hangs anywhere and everywhere.

People’s homes open right onto the street. We walk within inches of people just doing their daily living.

There are no sidewalks to speak of in some places. Randy walks in the traffic lane.

I can’t imagine how it works when someone calls the electric company to say “My power is out”

There’s an endless supply of food products we cannot identify.

Coffee is available in cans. Haven’t tried it yet…

An amazing tree!

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  1. The gelatinous blobs in the bubble tea are tapioca. You should try it again Anita. Takes some getting used to.

    • I just can’t get used to those things. Whenever I’m buying drinks now I hold them up to the light to make sure they are blob-free. They are in so many drinks! It seems to be all the rage.

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