Kamphaengphet to Who-knows-where

Big giant Buddha, 7-Elevens & Amazon Cafe’s are our friends, and being foreigners at the CK Resort. A great day!

There’s a Wat in every town. Gorgeous gold, red, ornately decorated beautiful Buddhist temples and we just never seem to tire of seeing them! They just crop up roadside near any given town. We typically see about 3-5 a day. Today we saw one with a giant sized Buddha. It makes you wonder….where do they make these gigantic figures? Is there a Buddha manufacturing company somewhere? In any case, they are are stunning, and as tall as Randy is, he was a shrimp next to this one!

The ride was great today. Not a single free-range dog lunged at us, and we noticed more greenery, leading us to think the drought hasn’t impacted this area as much as more north of here. We have almost left Northern Thailand and entered Central Thailand. Don’t ask where we are, because we can’t figure it out! The names of the towns all sound similar “Ban this” “Kao that” “thing thong” and here we are! We made good time today, mostly due to the flatness of the route. Flat like a pancake! We did deal with headwinds but they served to cool us in what feels like a big outdoors convection oven.

Simple pleasures make for a great day! When it’s stinking hot and you happen across a 7-Eleven its like striking gold. We filled water bottles with ice, got toasted ham & cheese sandwiches and pineapple turnovers, then guzzled lemonade. We also came across an Amazon Cafe. It similar to our Starbucks, with a variety of interesting offerings. Instead of the Crunchy Love Pinky Milky Frappe, or the Perfect Match Iced Pinky Butterfly Pea (who comes up with these names?) we just ordered simple coffees. And we were happy enough.

We checked into a little roadside “resort” called CK Resort. We found it with Maps.me and it is a cute little motel style place with individual car-ports for each room. The young man “Sam” was very happy and pleased to see us. His English was very good. (He previously worked on a cruise ship). We learned that foreigners rarely stop there, and we are the first foreigners in at least a year! We walked about 500m down the road to find an establishment serving dinner and stopped in at a “night spot”. Several smiling happy people all came to happily serve us. Big smiles all around. More excellent, tasty food!

Another happy day in Thailand.

Big Buddha. Little Randy.

Outside the 7-Eleven

Amazon Cafe. I ordered the “Crunchy Love Pinky-Milky Frappe”

A selection of sunscreens available at 7-Eleven. Most promise lightening, whitening of the skin. (And here we are, working on our tans!)

I think this sign probably says CK Resort, but who knows?

“Sam” at the CK Resort

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