Liberation Day (And Crazy Dog Struck Again)

Route: Chaiya to Surat Thani
Distance: 74km

Our legs are strong but our bodies are tired. We have cycled 1,937km and we think we can stop now.

We have travelled farther south than we had originally planned and it’s time to switch things up. Today is Bicycle Liberation Day. For the next two weeks we will explore Khao Sok National Park, possibly skip over to a beachy resort somewhere, then Bangkok—all without bicycles. Our bikes are in the hands of a bicycle shop here in Surat Thani, where they will disassemble and box them up for us.

As we were getting ready to leave the resort this morning, Crazy Dog went for round two on the potted plant. He was not giving up. We tried exercising discipline but he has some behavioural issues. When the plant didn’t work out for him he started gnawing on a discarded work glove he found. All on our door step. As we rolled out Crazy Dog followed us—running through the resort, around the corner and down the road alongside our wheels. In the heat! (it was hot today—are you surprised?) We thought he’d give up, but Crazy Dog just ran faster as we sped up. It got to the point where we were concerned about how far he was from his homeless home that we decided we need to accelerate and outrun him. He finally figured it out—he’s not coming with us.

Back to Liberation Day. After the final drop-off we all stood there looking at our bikes with mixed feelings. We felt like we were saying goodbye to a friend and we wanted to hug the bikes one last time. We also felt liberated and free. We felt appreciative. They have taken us almost two thousand kilometres with no significant mechanical failures. We have had zero flat tires (rather a miracle!). Much credit goes to Randy who diligently checks our bicycle’s well-being daily and makes minor adjustments along the way. These bikes are more than a mode of transportation. They are two-wheeled portals into seeing the world in ways that cannot be replicated.

After we left the bike shop we returned to our hotel with a big giant pool (we made sure of that). We swam our little faces off then went to the night market. Oh, the Night Market….where we can graze on delicious foods to our hearts content (guilt-free, cuz we rode almost 2,000km to get here). Fresh pineapple, strawberries, egg roti with condensed milk, fresh squeezed orange juice, pineapple juice, spiral potato-on-sticks, Chinese donuts, chicken shawarma wrap, fried flat pancakes, and lots of things that we just bought and ate cuz they looked interesting—that’s reason enough!

I think we shall sleep well tonight

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  1. A little surprised you didn’t cycle to 2000k! I posted this on the wrong post. Lol enjoy your final days sin bicicletas!

    • Ha! We didn’t actually tally up our total till the end. And we had three different totals, so we just picked one in the middle. We still have two more weeks left, so lots of adventure still to come!

  2. Liberation in more than one way! Congratulations on making it through and for having us be a part of your incredible journey. Now, for some down time as you continue to explore at a slower, less gruesome rate!

  3. Thank you for the bicycle tour Anita, it was lovely, I really enjoyed it.
    Will we see the route on ridewithgps? 😉

    • Hey Irene, Randy has the whole route on Ride With GPS but we deviated from it at times as we went along. I’ll include it in a future post actually!

  4. Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️
    Cheers Iron Man and warrior ladies
    Look forward to hearing all about your adventure.

  5. Are you planning a slideshow in Randy’s ‘man cave’ when you get home?? If so, please let me be there…London isn’t that far away.

  6. Congrats guys, well done o finishing your cycling tour! Anita, your colourful blog made me feel like I was right there with you (almost). Hope your tired bodies enjoy the next couple of weeks.

    • Thanks Freda! Now that we are free-range exploring by other means of transportation and I’m sure we’ll uncover more adventure!

  7. Amazing accomplishment, especially in that heat. Enjoy a few more leisurely days exploring and having adventures on foot.

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