Longtail to Ferry Boat to Koh Samui

West coast to East coast. We travelled far today!

Absolutely stunning! It rates up there with our all-time most beautiful places to have visited. Our cameras were clicking non-stop.

Before hopping into a van to the Cheow Lan Lake long tail boat trip we talked with the family we’d met the previous day from Coburg, Germany. (How cool is that!) Sebastian and Isabell are also travelling with their daughter Hannah. They gave us some tips about getting to our destination. It was about an hour long ride through some breathtaking scenery that we managed to capture from our backseat truck window. We couldn’t even imagine what was in store for us when we got to the lake. Super excited, but we felt momentary angst when we saw the throngs of organized-tour-tourists that had arrived. We envisioned crammed boats! But we had a plan (thanks to Sebastian). We fast tracked over to hire a small boat just for the three of us. Luxury!!! We had the whole loooongboat to ourselves. We could stretch out and enjoy.

Omg. Jaw dropping stunning turquoise blue water and beautifully shaped limestone mountains. The boat operator’s name was “Eeeen” (or so that’s what it sounded like to us) and he took us to all the beautiful spots. The pictures can only capture a tiny glimpse of this paradise!

Afterward we decided it was time to blast out of the Park and head back to the east coast. Found a comfy cozy van that we hired just for the three of us. Three hours later we had fast-tracked to the ferry to Koh Samui. For 180 bhats we are sailing and by 6:00 we should be Islanders. It’s not a pretty ferry by any means but hey, we rode our bicycles throughout Thailand, stayed in some $16 hotel rooms, and ate dinner in 7-Elevens all grungy & sweaty (hoping we’d never run into anyone we knew). This is a cruise ship to us!

Again, no bookings, no tickets, no reservations. We just fly by the seat of our pants and await the adventure!

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