“Making hay while the sun doesn’t shine”

Route: Sukhothai to Phichit
Distance today: 128km
Daytime high: 39C

Today, it was the journey that thrilled, not the destination. We rolled our bums out of bed by 7am in order to get some distance in since the forecast showed cloudy skies which made the heat bearable. We made hay while the sun didn’t shine and went for 127km. And what a fantastic day it was!

We happened upon this little roadside coffee vendor. Not much to look at, just a rickety little establishment and our expectations were low. Randy ordered an Americano coffee and Deana and I a couple of strawberry yogurt smoothies. After some mixing & spinning, frothing & whirring and other such magical preparations, Randy was presented with a giant sized frothy iced-coffee and Deana and I both were recipients of little strawberry smoothie masterpieces! that now firmly occupy the position of best smoothie of our lives!

Rolling on down the road again, temperatures creeped up to 39C and the sun started blazing on us again. Seeking a little shade, we pulled off the road under a tree at the entrance to a temple. What transpired next was a very special experience that meant so much to us. There was an orange-robed young monk who greeted us and within minutes we were offered cold water, and a Pepsi. We were introduced to his mother Penn and father Colin who he had on video-chat on his cell phone. Not long after, all of us were standing together, this fine young man procured more Pepsi for us, and we were loaded up with drinks for our journey. Penn insisted that if we wanted we could come and stay at her place for a real Thai experience. Unfortunately we had some further distance to travel, so had to decline. But Penn—we promise you that if we ever pass through your village again we will stay with you and Colin. Much gratitude and thanks to your son for the wonderful privilege of meeting the three of you.

The lush green rice fields, quiet rural roads and especially the human experience made today extra special.

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  1. So the travels continue, amazing experiences that you will never forget, keep having fun!

  2. Ahhh Thailand undeniably the finest travel destination and country on earth !!! The human experience is indeed a huge part of it !!!
    Not to mention the beauty, the simplicity , the food and the low cost !!
    Am sad to be back in Canada and already looking forward to our return!!!
    So happy you all love it there as much as we do .

  3. Those unexpected human connections can be an elixir for happiness. They probably felt the same about meeting you three,

  4. Folks! Oh ye mighty ones! Hail hail to y’all! 128 km is almost 80 miles!!!! EIGHTY MILES IN A DAY! Super heroes! I did not know that was humanly possible!

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