Miles of empty beach, and The Wandering Cows

Route: Prachuap Khiri Khan to Bang Saphan
Distance: 103km

Miles and miles of deserted beach. Endless. We spent the majority of the day following the coast line, much of that time all by ourselves, not a car or human in sight. We could have just stopped pedalling anywhere and sat on the beach all day alone in paradise!

Dogs and chickens roam free here. We have seen occasional cows lingering in fields. But today we came across a group of cows who had self-organized into a their own little walking group and were making their way down the road. They looked as though they had a route in mind and were quite confident crossing the road to their destination. Cocky cows they were, as we needed to stop pedalling to allow them passage. Suddenly out of nowhere a motorcycle came buzzing up the road behind us—a man was scolding those wayward cows. Well! Those cows reacted like a child caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They pivoted hard and became discombobulated as they quickly turned around to scurry back to their home. We couldn’t help but be amused and laugh.

After completing a particularly long stretch of very isolated beach we noticed a group of younger children playing at the roadside in a tree. They were so excited to see us, they were all laughing and wanted high fives. They scrambled down from the tree and meet us roadside. Cutest little things they were! They were so enthusiastic about being in a photo. Big giant smiles all ‘round!

Today the ride was wonderful. Surrounded by coconut palms, swishing ocean waves and a salty breeze. What more could we want?

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  1. Randy having to fix another flat or just ensuring everyone has the right tire pressure?

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