Rest day at the squiggly lines resort (65km north of Chanthaburi)

The pool! The pineapple! The green curry! A great rest day at the “squiggly lines” resort for us…but where are all the tourists?

We had enough of the relentless heat! Our hotel with no name (just squiggly lines) has a beautiful, pristine full size saltwater pool so we decided to stay an extra day and just loaf around. Excellent choice!

Did we mention THE POOL? Omg, what an amazing experience. This morning we meandered out to the pool area to claim our lounger chairs. There wasn’t a single other person that even entered the pool area all day long. We just lay there all day, listening to the sounds of tropical birds in the surrounding trees, swimming and floating in the pool (salt water means we can literally float on the surface!). Randy sipped Chang beer, and we ate pineapple. Lots of pineapple!

Before the pool we had ventured about 400m to the nearby small grocery store and on our way back we picked up some fresh fruit from the roadside fruit stand. We really wanted a pineapple but were concerned about how to carve it with our lame travel utensils. No worries! We pointed to the lady’s knife, then the pineapple to see if she understood our request. And she proceeded to carve that yummy delicious fresh pineapple right in front of us. I’ll never cut my own pineapples the same way again! One pineapple, one mango and 5 oranges later we returned to the pool. Where we speculated…

We pondered… Where are all the tourists? We estimate about 35 or 40 rooms here and yet we could only identify three that appeared occupied. Shouldn’t these resorts be full of travellers from Europe and China? Vacationers? Cycle tourists like us? We wondered if it’s the Coronavirus. The few rooms that have guests appear as though they may be a Chinese family with children all staying together. With nothing but time on our hands we entertained a realistic possibility that perhaps they are stranded here in Thailand, unable to return to China? We’ll never know…

Dinner was excellent and tasty as usual. Green curry, rice, prawns, Chang beer and Pepsi. All served in a restaurant that could accommodate fifty. We were there all alone.

Our gratitude for the most fortunate position in life that we find ourselves, for being Canadians, for having the health and freedom to experience this whole journey is not lost on us.

Shopping for groceries isn’t a spacious experience.

The lovely fruit stand lady!

Lunch! Fresh from the fruit stand.

We opted not to get a coconut (not sure what to do with one) but they did look inviting.

The big saltwater pool at our squiggly lines resort.

Baked prawns.

The sunset from our back window

Gary’s cousin. He wants in.

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  1. Nice that you had a relaxing day to enjoy the pool and regenerate. You will have to teach us all how to carve a pineapple the correct way! It is very sad for the people over there that tourism is down for which many rely on for their wellbeing. I agree, we are so fortunate to live in such a great country 🇨🇦

    • We’ve had plenty of opportunity here to notice, compare and appreciate. We love travelling here, love the people, love the food, but still wouldn’t trade being a Canadian for anything.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place for a rest stop. I too, am curious about how to cut up a pineapple now! I made pad thai last night, as a sad substitute for some of the wonderful meals you’ve been posting. Thanks for sharing, it’s been a fantastic cultural and culinary adventure for you two!

  3. Hi. I left a message on Randy’s Facebook page. Met someone today that you know. Your rest stop looks like heaven. Would love to have a pineapple cutting tutorial! Enjoy!

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