Rest day over. We want to get rolling!

Jet lag, Luggage Reunification, bicycle reassembly and the Chiang Mai Nighttime food-fest

Today was reserved for recovery from the 12 hour time difference, acclimatization to temperatures 50c warmer than where we came from, and to eat Khao soi, which we did twice today. And we played Lazy Tourist. Mostly because we feel all wide-eyed & spry until that jet lag hits and bam! exhaustion hits hard. That’s when a swim in our rooftop pool feels just about perfect.

As promised, our luggage babies were delivered which means we can roll out whenever our little hearts desire.

The food quantity and variety is mind-boggling. There’s a Halal food sub-district here in Chiang Mai and we happened to find ourselves sampling a buckwheat something-or-other and also some big giant crunchy noodlish who-knows-what. Taste tests work wonders. We walked away with two.

We discovered a nighttime cruise of the Ping River for 200THB ($8). We’re in for that! It’s a sensory extravaganza of lights best shown rather than described.

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  1. The markets are often how we end our days. They are fascinating, and the evenings a little cooler. Often we skip dinner and just eat as we walk trying all kinds of things in the markets.

  2. Certainly looks like you’re not going to starve. You’re much more adventurous eaters than I am that’s for sure.

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