The heat—Holy shmoly!

We woke up and were all enthusiastic-like, thinking we might go out and conquer 106km today… but it was just delusional coffee and heat interfering with our sensibilities. As we are riding down the road the conversation turned to pickle juice, melting, and ice cold smoothies. Some fresh black tarmac during a construction zone felt like we were in a frying pan. By the way, it didn’t stop all the workers from honking, beeping & giving us smiles and thumbs up.

We aren’t wusses. Honestly! But the heat just did us in today. And the coming days are forecasting highs of 36c and nothing but sunshine. By day’s end we were each desperately trying to keep sun off our necks & shoulders. Randy and I were nerded out with our “daBrim” over our helmets. Couldn’t care less about how we look, lol!

We wussed. Right around the 60km mark. Somewhere between downing the bag ‘o salty chips & guzzling water and staring ahead at the looming mountains a cute little roadside resort presented itself to us—none of us could resist escaping the heat. 690THB (about $28) bought us each a room.

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  1. I don’t envy you in all that heat – anything over 30 C translates into miserable cycling for me! The weather isn’t great here, however, as it rained all day Thursday and the forest trails now resemble a giant skating rink!

  2. You’re not wusses, you’re heroes!!! Looks like lady fortune brought you just in time to a nice place to lay your head!

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