Uthai Thani to Sing Buri

Beautiful Roads, (“beautiful” now means fewer dogs), and resort-ing it in the City of Sing Buri.

The “beauty” of our days are directly proportionate to presence/absence of aggressive dogs, while either cycling or making our way on foot. They are everywhere and it’s a real deterrent to exploring as much as we’d like. We make road and route choices hoping to minimize encounters. They seem more prevalent on city streets. However….yesterday there weren’t many. We enjoyed long stretches of country roads with pretty scenery. After several days of heat and fairly long distances we decided to stay two nights in our resort in Sing Buri in order to enjoy the pool, and our beautiful surroundings.

Our resort is a beautifully manicured place, with a restaurant, a pool. We noticed that there are only 4 rooms that we can see, and there is not one other couple here. We had the pool entirely to ourselves today.

City streets are busy and are always buzzing with activity. There are vendors selling everything from roasted corn on the cob, to watermelons, to bbq fish. Cats and dogs wander in and out of traffic, and motorcycles carry entire families here and there (usually without helmets). They just throw Little Baby in front, balanced between Mom and the handlebars and off they go! Curiously, we’ve also noticed how locals cover up from head to toe with full face masks, hoodies, long pants etc. Obviously not a sun-worshipping society. We sweat just looking at them! 35C here and people don’t seem to notice.

We really feel for those in the tourism industry here. So few tourists, plenty of minimally occupied resorts, and mostly just us and a few visible Europeans when we go to restaurants.

Unfortunately, the only real part of Sing Buri we’ve seen is our hotel and a coffee house a kilometre away. Just too many dogs….

Flooded rice field

Many towns seem to have a beautiful “grand entranceway”

We won’t talk about this….

A bus shelter

Getting closer!

Not sure what the are intended for, but we see a lot of them for sale. We figure they are “portable” wats.

That’s the local variety store where Randy picked up his Chang beer.

Fish at the Amazon Cafe (much like Starbucks)

Our room (on the left)

Big giant fruit hanging from a tree at our hotel.

Lots to choose from on the menu

Our gorgeous room (complete with one live gecko on the loose inside)

Randy tried them.

So many pretty tropicals here!

Sunset, sitting poolside

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