Sing Buri to Ayutthaya

What a fantastic day—No dog encounters, beautiful scenery, and the historic City of Ayutthaya. We are living the dream!

Every day is different, and this was no exception. Not a single dog encounter. Oh, they were all there, just laying docile on the road—perhaps we are starting to blend a little with our surroundings and they paid us no notice.

With overcast skies most of the morning it looked like it might rain but didn’t. We haven’t seen a drop of rain since arriving. We we’re so grateful for a break from the sun! We made it to our destination with fewer lemonade stops than usual.

Approaching Ayutthaya, we travelled alongside the Chaya Phrao River for some of the 75km. Omg! There was gorgeous, traditional looking Thai architecture lining both sides of the river and equally beautiful gardens. We noticed (as we have for several days now) that many properties had very large water reservoirs (ditches) in in front of their properties. Mamy were filled with water lilies, water hyacinths, and all sorts of various tropicals in bloom.

As we get closer to Bangkok we notice that the greenery is more lush. We are also beginning to see very large corporations and manufacturing facilities. There’s a lot of commerce going on in these parts,

We love flowering tropicals! Bougainvillea are in abundance and especially striking when they are mixed with multiple colours, all in bloom. Bananas are sprouting in trees, mangoes hang from branches. We are far from home, that’s for sure!

There are literally Wats in every town, and always impressive. Today we happened across a few that just made us stop pedalling, get off our bikes, and take in the spectacular elaborate details. Wow….just wow!

The Night Market in Ayutthaya was a feast. That, and many other experiences today are best described with pictures!

An outdoor gym. This one looks a little better than others we have seen.


Boring grey buses are not a thing here….

Thats a gorgeous riverfront home!


Lazy dog (we like those kind)

Randy is buying some jack fruit

Pink eggs are a “thing” here

The things in front look gross and we don’t really want one.

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  1. Wow . Been following your epic adventure all along . You are definitely in another world !! When I was there I never encountered aggressive dogs, however some monkeys were quite that way . Was told to buy a slingshot and simply pull the rubber and aim at them . Boy did it ever keep them at bay !! This may very well work on the dogs . Of course you could carry a few stones for it if push came to shove
    Happy trails
    Greg from the Thai restaurant 😊

    • Hello Greg-the-Thai-Restaurant! So far we haven’t actually encountered any monkeys, fortunately. We decided to bypass Lopburi for that exact reason. We think we have found a strategy that works as we walk by the dogs….do NOT make eye contact. We don’t yet have one for the ones that come running as they see us coming down the road.

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