Vietnam bound!

Bikes & bags are packed—We are flying to Hanoi and the only “plan” is to be in HoChiMinh City by April 2nd. We have seven weeks to get there. The road ahead is unknown but we are intrigued and excited about some new adventures.

The $471.00 typo at Pearson
We were prepared—meticulously (or so we thought) with paperwork in hand. Everything was dandy right up until the moment they informed me that the expiry date on my Visa didn’t match that which appeared on my passport. “No flight for you!— Sorry”. No amount of negotiating worked. “You can apply for another one online.” But how will I get it in two hours?? “Sorry….nothing we can do about it”. We went into full on panic mode and worked our phones for the next two hours, screaming silently in our heads. We’ll get through this somehow! $471 later I had a “temporary” emergency Visa via email. Amusingly, the first “Visa” company we contacted said “Sorry, no can do in such short time” and proceeded to suggest I convert a PDF into Word and change the expiry date myself  (huh? Is that legal?). I think not….

We squeezed through by the skin of our teeth and will make the flight. Next stop—Taipei then onto Hanoi.

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  1. This is exciting. My prayers go with you and my mind is open to whatever comes before you. Stay safe and enjoy the adventures!!

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday and meant to send you a bon voyage note but never got around to it. What an auspicious beginning to your next adventure! I know you will have a fabulous time and I look forward to your stories and photos!

  3. Congratulations, you kept your cool and sorted the issue. Safe travels and looking forward to more of your stories.

  4. Safe travels, so glad you were able to get your visa straightened out in record time! Very excited for you and Randy on this amazing new adventure! 😀!

  5. Remember out motto…. “It’s all down hill from here.”
    What a memorable start to your adventure. I would not have known where to start to recover your trip, had that been me. Well done to get the hiccup resolved.

  6. Lucky you! You’ve got the time, good health and money. Margaret and I visited a friend working in Hanoi in the mid ’90s. It was one of our best trips ever. It helped to have someone who had lived there for a couple of years to take us around. I’m sure things have changed dramatically! I look forward to reading about your trip!

  7. What a crazy start – but, true to form, you solved the problem in the nick of time! Glad you are on your way!

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