We are ready to roll—Thailand 2023

Three people, 150lbs of bike, 100lbs of gear and 2,000kms.

We have a start point and an end-point—Chiang Mai down to the beaches of Prachuap Khiri Khan then to Bangkok. Everything in the middle is going to be our free-range adventure! Randy and I are ready to roam and we are bringing our good friend Deana with us this time for Thailand 2023.  Bikes are packed with foam, paper and plastic in boxes and they are weighing in at about 48lbs each.  We’ll carry about 28lbs each of gear in the form of panniers, clothing, sunscreen etc. on our bikes. Everything we need for more than 6 weeks on the road. Randy will be hauling all the bike tools & spare parts so will need to carry four panniers.—Deana and I (Anita) will each carry two, plus a handlebar bag and trunk bag.  We have packed like minimalists, nothing so glamorous as a hairdryer.  Ha! No room for such luxury.

Our flight leaves late Sunday night (actually, early Monday morning, 0045h). Our brains will be all stirred up and crazy once we reach Chiang Mai 22 hours later when Randy will unpack the bike boxes right in the airport terminal and re-assemble them—probably a 4+ hour job!  We’ll load up and cycle right out of the airport onto the busy streets of Chiang Mai, all wobbly and woozy from the long transit.  We’ll try to keep ourselves sharp as we navigate traffic that rides on the left-hand side of the road. Given the fiasco that is air travel and luggage handling in Canada is right now, we are grateful to be flying with EVA Air—so we cling to the hope that our luggage AND our bikes will arrive.

Let the adventure begin!

Deana’s bike looks a little more like a skill-challenging puzzle

That’s it! I hope it arrives.

That’s what’s going into Randy’s panniers. He thinks of everything—we are in very good hands. Having a bike mechanic among us is a godsend.

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  1. Rita Mary says it seems like an impossible dream. But I know judging from all your other adventures you’ll make it happen. Deana is one brave woman! Blessings on your journey! ♥️

  2. You guys are totally crazy!!! But I wish you well and also wish I could join you, but not in this lifetime. I’ll be following you. I still remember your last trip to Thailand and all the pictures you posted…what an adventure that was.
    Finally, be well and stay well

  3. Amazing planning for a great adventure. Looking forward to your posts. Have an amazing trip!

  4. Fantastic! So happy to hear you 3 are heading out for another adventure to Thailand. Deanna have a great time, I believe this is your first trip to Thailand! Stay safe. Cheers

    • Hi Eileen, Yes it is my first trip to Thailand. I am in good hands with these two experienced travellers. Going to be fun! 🙂

  5. Goodness what a collection of tools! Have a wonderful trip and so looking forward to the photos and updates.

    • Yes, he has more tools than clothing! That pictures shows everything he’s taking, clothes and all.

  6. I am excited for your adventure . Have a fantastic time and stay safe. Thanks for sharing with all of us!!!

  7. Sounds awesome!! My wife and I have been in Thailand for a month now . Every minute has been an amazing experience. We will be living here full time hopefully with a year or better still before the next winter . What an epic journey you will be on !!! Who knows maybe we’ll see you on your next visit ✌️

    • That bring thingy is called “Da Brim” and we think they’ll be fantastic to keep the hot blazing sun off our faces! They actually affix nicely to the helmet and supposedly stays in place quite well.

  8. Hi guys! Looks like you’re all set, once again. Tip and I are hoping to meet up with you likely in Sukhothai on our way to Surin. We’ll touch base once you’ve reached Lampang. Safe travels

  9. What an adventure! Ride safely and get some SLEEP! Waiting to read all about it! ❤️❤️

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