A glorious ride to Sukhothai (despite 41C)

Route: Thung Saliam to Sukhothai
Distance: 62km (total 331)
Daytime high: 41c

We were up at the crack of dawn to try and get some distance covered before the blazing heat. Anyone that knows me knows that dressed and ready to roll by 7:00am is a gosh darn miracle. Waiting around for our congee breakfast delayed us till about 8:00.

We rode through a lot of farmland. Cows here and there—in fields, in barn stalls, grazing near watering holes and even in the backs of pickup trucks. How many cows do you think fit in the bed of a Nissan? About 4!

It was an easy ride today. Glorious and flat. Nevermind that the temperature rose to 41c again according to Deanas bike computer! It’s almost an essential skill here, to ride with just one hand on the handlebar because the other hand is airborne most of the time, waving hello to people near and far. I mean absolutely everyone!. We noticed three school girls just calmly walking in the distance and we pro-actively hollered “Hellooooo” and all three of them lit up, jumped up & down and got all excited. Honestly, we feel like pure celebrities.

We stopped roadside for ice cream. The lady looked very surprised by our wanting two scoops each. Super delish and refreshing! We will shamefully admit to each having two double scoopers. All together we consumed 12 scoops plus three bottles of water. Total bill: $6.00

Our room tonight has a pool. A poooooooolllll! We dreamed about it all day long. We swam till our fingers turned pruney, our bodies cooled and tired, then it was afternoon nap time.

After dinner we strolled down to Sukhothai Historical Park to capture some evening pictures. Then of course we just had to go for another swim.

Today was supreme!

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