Wandering the village on our lazybum day off

It’s pretty hard to blend in, but we are thrilled to be guests. We took a much needed day off the bike to re-hydrate our bodies and be lazybums. Our breakfast of pork and shrimp rice porridge was delivered to our door fronts in lovely china dishes along with some delicious orange juice. Afterward—exploration time! This wonderful village of Klang Dong lay just down the little alleyway, and we were going to wander! Not because it stood out in anyway, but because it looks so typical. We want to go blend with locals.

We are fascinated by everything! The homes, the gardens, the stores, the chickens, the signs with messages we will never know about, the trees, the fields, the places of worship…it’s endless.

The Buddhist Temple Wat Klang Dong was beautiful. Wats are very exquisitely tended to, and this was was no exception.

We can’t just go about our adventures willy-nilly anymore without factoring in the heat. So we decided to siesta during the hottest hours in mid-afternoon and return for a round two in the late afternoon.

At the Market we bought some unidentified but tasty looking meats-on-sticks, and some fresh cut pineapple. Walking down the street we had a vendor on a motorcycle ask us if we’d like something he had in his cart. We looked inside and saw bricks of ice cream! He cut them into portions, inserted sticks and for less than $1 we were all enjoying what tasted like fudgsicles.

Finally, we walked by what appeared to be a daycare with some young children outside playing and looking at us with curiosity. We said our “Sawasdees” (Hello in Thai) and they jumped for joy, ran over to the fence and were laughing with delight at the fact that us odd-looking foreigners chose to speak to them. Of course, when they saw the camera come out, that was it—They wanted to be stars!

Another day, living the dream!

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  1. Beautiful travels! And no TRASH anywhere randomly discarded! Their folks would just vomit if they came over here!!!! Y’all stay hydrated and take in adequate salt!

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