Chiang Mai: We shall not hunger!

Wat Phra Singh, the Night Market and the Food….omg, the food!

Wat Phra Singh. We just sort of stumbled upon it. It’s the first one we’ve visited and it’s hard to imagine just how old these structures are, and how beautiful.

The streets. Narrow and busy but oh so interesting. You’ve got to keep your eyeballs in front and also at the back of your head because there is no “flat” sidewalk type terrain on which to walk. Cars drive within a few feet of us leaving little room for comfort. What itty bitty sidewalk there is is shared with trees, hydro poles, parked vehicles of all descriptions. We established a strategy for crossing the road—look for a gap and run like heck!

All roads lead to food. Food! It’s literally on every corner—deliciously yummy Khao soi (a northern Thai noodle dish), fermented sausage, padthai, curries that look and smell scrumptious.

The Night Market. It’s truly amazing and you’d better prepare to shop (and eat). This is where you see Thai silk, sample deep fried scorpions, watch some young Thai men dressed in drag, find singing bowls….and eat more food.

Enough words. Pictures are better

Roadside laundromat

Beef Khao soi (about $2)

Yep, that’s a typical hydro pole!

Night market.

Something got lost in the translation.

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  1. Brings back lots of memories of our far too brief visit to Thailand about 20 years ago hoping to get teaching jobs in Chiang May…ended up in Mexico instead. We were there visiting and staying friends so we were mostly driven around so nothing like what you guys are doing. We also did not stay in hostels or sleep in tents (if that’s what you plan to do). Much does not seem to have changed with crowded streets and jumbles of wires everywhere. One bit of advice we got about crossing streets was to look straight ahead ’cause if a driver sees that you see him, he generally won’t slow down.
    Looking forward to your next post and BE WELL!!

    • We’ll take your advice about road crossing and look ahead. We are so accustomed to making eye contact. We also learned that when a driver “waves us on” what he’s really indicating is that he’s going to go ahead!

  2. Crossing roads in Asia becomes a bit of an art form. Just remember some of your rules of cycling: predictability, visibility, manoevrability, not sure about communication though. The food looks wonderful!

  3. Looks like it is going to be a fun filled 6 weeks! I so enjoy reading your blogs and seeing all the great pictures. Keep them coming!

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures. The architecture looks inspiring and that roadside laundromat is adorable!

  5. So enjoy your pics … they really do speak a thousand words! The laundry-mat at the road side. How funny. But the architecture is simply stunning. Interesting market … really enjoy you taking all of along on your journey! Await your next post ….

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