Chiang Mai to Mae Tha

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Smiling Thai people, gorgeous temples everywhere, and $2 Roadside Thai Curry.

We slathered on the sunscreen and got our pasty pink selves out of Chiang Mai. Frantic traffic eventually gave way and the FunFactor took hold as we became more comfortable with riding in the left side of the road.

Everywhere we ride, whenever we make eye contact with someone we get big warm & fuzzy smiles. Thai people are adorable! Oh, and there’s no shortage of temples to oooh and awe over.

We stopped at a roadside food stall (which seem to dot the road like lemonade stands). The street was majestically lined with Yang Na trees and created a wonderfully shaded experience. The woman at the Curry stand conveyed to us they are the largest trees that grow in Thailand. We let her know we were from Canada and her face lit up! With her very limited English vocabulary she was able to let us know that she reallllly liked watching The Murdoch Mysteries. A few minutes later we were enjoying delicious Green Curry with Chicken & Coconut Milk, and also a dish of Red Curry with Chicken. Randy also ordered up some sausage in some type of mysterious but tasty sauce. Totally awesome! Including my Pepsi the bill came to $4.

We pedalled past a national forest area where it was just trees and distant mountains as far as the eye could see. Mostly flat, little traffic, and one really steep hill.

After about 70kms we decided around 4:30 to roll into a tiny little village in search of a room for the night. We used an app called Agoda which is something like Fascinating! To get to our room we passed rice paddies, tiny villages where dogs just lay on the road, and more smiling Thai people everywhere. It was hard to imagine that our home stay room was actually going to materialize but it did. And here we are! In a beautiful little spot hidden away from everything. What a gem!

It was a great day here in Thailand!

Gorgeous accommodations! Though if Randy were just a little shorter, he’d fit through the bathroom door! Checking the navigation…it seemed as though we were being guided into the wilderness.

Roadside lunch. We just point to what looks yummy and take our chances. It did not disappoint!

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  1. The scenery, food and cultural experience are so interesting. Thanks for sharing. TJ and I are enjoying your blog.

  2. Glad you made it out of the city safely in all that crazy traffic. Food sounds fabulous. Doorway for tall Randy is comical. And who knew that someone in roadside stand in Thailand is enamoured with Murdock Mysteries (some of which was filmed right here in Port Hope!) Small world!

  3. Between the blog, strava, and google maps, its awesome to follow your adventure! And the food looks amazing!

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