Party at the Wat! Buat Nak—what’s that you ask?

Route: Uthai Thani to Sing Buri
Distance: 100km
Daytime high: 40C (maybe more!)

We rode. And it was lovely. And just about the time we were wondering what the day might bring we noticed some lights & activity on the road ahead in the distance. At first we thought it was an accident of some sort but as we approached we saw it was a party in full-swing! Music, revellers, adults & children all dancing and moving slowly down the road toward the Wat (Buddhist temple). The festivities were electric and as we drew closer we snapped a few pictures—and then the party goers were thrilled to bits and tried their darndest to include us in the wiggling, laughing, singing, & carousing.

We couldn’t resist! We parked our bikes and began wigglin away with the other shin-diggers, without knowing what the occasion was, just knowing that it was important. There was a young man dressed in a shiny white robe with gold trim, and a woman situated beside him on lawn chairs atop a truck. His head appeared to be shaved.

In the midst of it all, many were encouraging us into the Wat presumably to join the celebration. Of course we declined, but not before they handed us these little gifts that looked like flowers made from ribbon, and little gold ribboned packets which went into our bags. One man thrust some special bottles of drink into our hands which also made their way to our hotel tonight. We felt so happy and thrilled to have been part of the whole event, even for a short bit.

Later in the evening my attention turned to the little trinkets they handed us. I shook the one that looked like a flower and it sounded as though there was something in it. Curiosity prevailed and I carefully disassembled it only to discover some coins inside. Now my curiosity was peaked! We’d been thinking we’d happened upon a wedding, but all indications are that it was something perhaps much more significant. A whole lot of Googling led us to the conclusion it was a Buddhist Buat Nak—an ordination procession for a young man entering Monkhood. Wowwwww and omigosh-almighty! We were lucky recipients of three taan (coins wrapped in ribbon) and three ribbon flowers.

Today was a privilege. And a memory to last our lifetime was made. We have now, in the past week, beared witness to ceremonies for one monk’s exit from earthly life, and now a man’s entry into Monkhood.


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  1. Most special times indeed! You’re getting it all & appreciating all the unexpected gifts coming your way! 🥰

  2. When do you expect to arrive in Prachuap Khiri Khan?? In the early 90’s Margaret and I visited a friend from our Moscow days in Hanoi and then flew to visit a couple who were living in Bangkok. They took us on an overnight journey to Prachuap Khiri Khan. All I remember is the quaint accomodations and the smiling faces everywhere we turned. We were travelling in relative luxury but you guys are really travelling in a very diffeent kind of luxury. I continue to be very envious and look forward to reading your comments every morning.

    • We are making our way south to Ayutthay next and then we are going to start heading toward the beaches of Prachuap Khiri Khan. I imagine we’ll be there in about 5 or 6 days from now.

  3. Please pack lots of Thai happiness into your suitcases, so’s you can give us all a “jab” when you eventually return home! 😉🙃

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