Traffic, Dogs, and Making More Hay

Route: Bang Mun Nak to Uthai Thani
Distance: 108km
Daytime max temperature: Don’t know, but stinkin hot!

Slow news day here on the Thailand 2023 cycle tour. So, we are going to talk Traffic and Dogs.

After 631km we can now say that beyond the shadow of a doubt, the wonderful smiley people of Thailand know how to share the road and we at home have much to learn. We ride here on quiet remote roads, navigate hectic main city streets, and traverse multi-lane divided super-highways with all the Big Boys in trucks and cars—and absolutely everywhere we go, Thai drivers share the space on the road. We are given the same respect on our two-wheeled slower moving bikes as we would if we were driving a car or transport truck. Size and speed of vehicle are not relevant. We have navigated through intersections where multiple streets, paths, and bridge access all converge, where there are no streetlights or stop signs—and everyone makes their way through safely. All due to driver consideration for all other road users. We emerge from any busy downtown core feeling good about the experience.

Speaking of motorists, it should be mentioned that there are countless motorists that pass us constantly. They all give us space, some give little beeps on the horn in support—others slow down, roll down the window and lean their heads out with gigantic smiles just to yell “Helloooooo!!!”

And now the dogs. In 2020 we had aggressive dog encounters that just freaked us out—caused us grief & anxiety. This year we have made peace with the Dogs of Thailand. Those wild-eyed street-smart territorial beings are part of the experience now. No, we don’t love when the come out barking & chasing….but we have learned to co-exist. When one of us spots a dog(s) we alert each other. “Dog alert on the left!” or “Dog right!” and then just as those furry four-leggeds are alerted & ready to chase us, we stop pedalling, make eye contact and say (in our most peaceful Buddha voices), “Nice doggy, you a good boy, stay where you are….” and wave our hands to motion them to lay down. Miraculously it works!

We started out with plans to ride 62km today. The sun was mostly hiding behind clouds and despite it being uncomfortably hot and humid, the reprieve from the sun meant another opportunity to make hay while the sun didn’t shine yet again. The terrain is flat as a pancake, we felt strong and we even had a little tailwind. We just felt like rolling & rolling so we rode 108km and landed at a cute little resort with a pool.

The day wasn’t boring, just uneventful. But we still saw cows laying in a watering hole to keep cool, a dude cutting down rice in an impossibly large field all alone, and we saw a corn-picking farm machine that looked more suitable for a carnival than a functioning farm. And of course , there was a really big ginormous gold Buddha that was visible for miles around. Another lovely day in this beautiful country.

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  1. Your comment about the smiling, friendliness of the Thai people of all ages is reminiscent of our cycling trip in South India in 2020. People would ride along beside us in cars, scooters, motorbikes and ask ‘where you from?’ ‘What age are you?’ Where are you going/coming from?’ Just so curious, welcoming and excited to chat and make friendly gestures. We in the West can learn so much from other cultures. Enjoying your blogs lots.

  2. Goodness the food looks sooo tasty, the photos always make me feel hungry!
    A great travel blog Anita, it reminded me that in the next couple of weeks I have to renew my passport. 😉
    It seems that you guys are adapting well to the hight temperatures?

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